November 13, 2014

Step 11. Meet routinely to maintain progress

Maintain progress and further develop the relationship with your partner(s) by continuing to meet monthly or quarterly to discuss program obstacles and successes. Certain components of the program may need to be tweaked during the implementation, and meeting regularly assures a greater degree of flexibility. Review the agreed upon metrics to determine if the program is on track to meet its objectives.

Examples from Best Practice Profiles:

LPR Construction (Industry to Education):

Semi-annual training meetings take place with key company stakeholders and training staff to address any issues in a timely manner. This top-down approach proves a serious commitment to craft training’s impact on the industry.

Mississippi Construction Education Foundation (Industry Association to Education):

Each of MCEF’s associations has a representative on the MCEF Board of Directors. The board meets six times a year with an executive board meeting intermittently as needed. MCEF benefits greatly from having this direct tie with industry.

Construction Education Foundation of North Texas (Education to Industry):

CEF leverages career day opportunities to develop and strengthen partnerships beyond the event. When both entities work together, mutually beneficial situations can develop automatically, and the relationship between education and industry becomes synergistic.

Questions to Consider:

  1. Is everything developing as planned, and if not, what needs to be changed?
  2. What areas of the partnership are excelling, and what areas of the partnership need more attention?
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