November 6, 2014

Craft Training Center of The Coastal Bend

The Craft Training Center (CTC) of the Coastal Bend was founded in 1987 by The Coastal Bend Business Roundtable and local contractors represented by The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), Texas Coastal Bend Chapter to provide craft training in the Coastal Bend of Texas. When NCCER training programs were developed, CTC immediately began using the curriculum and became an Accredited Training Sponsor. The CTC primarily offers craft training toward the industrial crafts due to area demand and financial support from the industrial construction sector.

The CTC currently employs 25 NCCER certified instructors. According to CTC’s president Dr. Michael J. Sandroussi, over 6,000 students have earned NCCER credentials since CTC began delivering craft training, and 95-98% of graduating students are employed in the construction field.

In addition, the CTC has a high school program that consists of 325 students from 17 high school campuses in the Coastal Bend. This summar, it conducted a two-week long camp for more than 200 middle school students from 10 different programs. The CTC also conducts a career awareness program with 100 fifth graders from the Corpus Christi independent school district during the year.

The crafts training programs offered at the CTC include:

  • NCCER Core
  • Electrical
  • Industrial Painting
  • Instrument Fitter
  • Instrument Technician
  • Pipefitting
  • Mobile Crane Operations
  • Plumbing
  • Scaffold-Building
  • Field Safety
  • Safety Technology
  • Welding (SMAW & GTAW)

Industry Partnerships

A long-standing, founding partnership with the members of the local ABC chapter have provided much needed support for the CTC. Through these members, the CTC was connected directly to the local refineries and industrial plants. Open communication about the industry’s workforce needs led to the implementation of specific craft training programs at the CTC.

There is also a financial benefit to the close industry partnership – each industrial partner owner contributes 12 cents per contractor man-hour, while local contractors contribute funds for buildings and machinery.

Program Costs

The CTC has calculated that for each adult student the average cost for craft training is $500 per semester. This does not include capital costs.

Program Benefits

For the CTC, craft training has a clear and practical benefit. The surrounding industry demands a certain type of craft worker and they need to be trained properly. NCCER credentials are recognized by the major industry partners, and help graduates to quickly secure jobs.


A successful craft training program has become a legacy at the CTC. Industrial and contractor partners have a direct link to the training center in order to create a pipeline of qualified craft workers. This network of relationships benefits all parties – students, owners, contractors, and the administration at the CTC.